Putting the focus on the Food at this Maine Bed & Breakfast

At our Bed and Breakfast, we go out of our way to put the focus on the Food.  Breakfast in particular, but those fresh baked cookies in the afternoons are a big hit too!

When we purchased our Inn, we had been staying at B&B’s across America for 20 years.  We always joke that this was our market research stage!  When we look back, what really stands out for us are many of the breakfasts.  Fast forward to purchasing our own inn and we made a conscience effort to do something with the food that would WOW our guests.

Fruit Smoothie with ingredients, agave, pomegranate molasses, wild maine blueberries and Greek Yogurt.

Being in Maine, we are surrounded by really good food.  So the bar is set kind of high to start with.  Having spent the previous 20 years in the UK, we had a desire to bring some of Old England to New England in different ways, including the food.  In many ways, Maine makes it easy because good quality ingredients that are locally grown and sourced are readily accessible.  They usually cost a little more than the alternatives, but we don’t want to scrimp on quality.

Three course breakfasts are de rigueur in the Bed and Breakfast world, but let’s be honest, a three course breakfast is a lot of food.  So our first challenge was to develop menu’s that met that criteria without being too much for our guests to manage.  

We start with a fresh baked pastry, usually a fruit muffin made from scratch each morning.  Scones are served with a fruit butter, but we keep them smaller so you get a taste versus a full meal on one plate.  Wild Maine blueberries, fresh or frozen, in our Blueberry Cornbread Muffins are a big hit with guests.

We follow that with a fruit course.  We use Cabot Greek Yogurt a lot for this course.  While it’s not Made in Maine, it is a New England dairy and this yogurt is the best we have EVER had!  Guests – please concur here 🙂  Again, depending on the entree that is being served, we vary the size of this course appropriately.  A Wild Maine Blueberry and Pomegranate Smoothie is both light and full of antioxidants.  A Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt served in mini-martini glasses and topped with a Maine Raspberry and an edible flower out of our gardens is an homage to a yogurt that my Grandson and I eat whenever I’m in England.  Fresh Maine Strawberries, Elderflower Poached Pears and Roast Peaches with a drizzle of Maine Wildflower Honey are other seasonal items.  

A plate of eggs benedict with sliced cherry tomatoes, poached egg and an edible flower on top.

Finally the entree.  We buy the all natural/organic free range eggs.  I am convinced that you can taste the difference – especially if you are making Eggs Benedict.  Again, as a nod to how our breakfast tastes have changed over the years, we tend to serve more protein based entree’s with eggs, a breakfast meat and then a vegetable.  Yes, we do serve a mixed leaf and heirloom cherry tomato salad dressed with a Sicilian lemon white balsamic vinaigrette alongside our Asparagus and Goats Cheese Fritatta.  Roast tomatoes on a bed of Arugula and sauteed wild Maine mushrooms served as an accompaniment are a nod to our English background.  And with advanced notice, we can accommodate most food preferences. 

Sound good?  We’re taking reservations for 2019 so think about dropping in for a stay.  Breakfast is served fresh daily in our dining room.



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