Changes to the Inn

We’ve been incredibly busy this summer season as we’ve seen a gradual return to normal and we are so grateful to be back doing what we love. Before our reopening this Spring, we were hard at work making improvements around the inn and modernizing each room. Those of you who have joined us over the summer may have noticed some of these changes. Those of you looking to book for the autumn or beyond, make sure you enjoy the upgrades that each room offers.


York Room   Windsor Room     Sitting room

York Guest Room                                              Windsor Guest Room                                              Sitting Room

Dining room   Rear of house with garden   Bed with chairs

Dining Room                                                     Inn Grounds                                                       Arundel Guest Room


Bed with tea and scones   Bed with decorative pillow   King bed with window

Berwick Guest Room                                        Camden Guest Room                                     Sebago Guest Room