Cooking Classes a Great Way to Enjoy Kennebunkport Getaway

If you’ve spent any time here in Kennebunkport, you know we have some of the finest chefs in Maine.  Did you know they offer cooking classes too?

There’s a number of options available to budding chefs and foodies for cooking classes here in the Kennebunk’s that cover just about anything you may be interested in learning about.  From pizzas made in custom built woodfired ovens to entrees prepared in a five star kitchen, there’s something for everyone.  These restaurants are open nearly year around (except late December and January when many of the locals take some time off to relax) so they are perfect for those quiet times in Maine!  

Here’s a run down of what you have to choose from:

If you’d like to spend some time in a five star kitchen, the first place to try would be the White Barn Inn.  For your cooking course, you will spend a couple of hours with the Executive Chef Chris Bissonnette and his team as they prepare for that evening’s meal.  You can choose to just do the cooking course, or combine that with a four course dining experience in the evening!  Call them to inquire about availability.

Chef Shannon Bard is new to Kennebunkport with her Toroso restaurant, Salud Catering and Bistro and The Barn (offering a wedding venue).  As part of their culinary experience, cooking classes are also available.  Classes are custom tailored to suit individual interests and must have at least four people, or more.  Interested in learning how to make Paella or want a hot Tapas course?  Prices range from $75 – $125 per person and include food and wine.  She can do just about anything from her kitchens so give them a call to check into it.  This is perfect for couples and families traveling to the Kennebunks!  

50 Local in Kennebunk is owned by local Maine girl Merrilee and her husband Chef David.  This farm to table restaurant also offers private and group cooking lessons.  What’s really unique about them is that you can start your culinary course right back to foraging for your own food (if that’s of interest to you) and using those ingredients to prepare a meal.  We’re going to try and fit in a pastry and desserts course with David before the season kicks off!  Contact Merrilee to inquire. 

OK, I know I started this post by saying that these cooking courses were largely offered year around.  Well, this one is the exception.  However, it’s so good that I didn’t want to leave it out.  Jillyanna’s Woodfired Cooking School was created by Jill Strauss of Kennebunkport.  She built a woodfired pizza oven at her house and started giving cooking courses and they’ve been hugely successful!  She normally runs courses from Spring through November including woodfired pizza classes, pasta classes and savory and sweet pie classes.  I guarantee, no matter which one you attend, you will have a day filled with good food and a really good hands on cooking course.  Prices start at $165 per person with discounts available for four or more people.  She will also hold private classes and pizza parties.  Check out her schedule online and enjoy the experience!

Please give us a call if you have any questions or need any advice on cooking classes.  We look forward to welcoming you to the 1802 House Bed and Breakfast soon!