Fall in Maine Offers a Spectacular Show of Autumn Colors

Fall in Maine is a big deal for travelers and for a very good reason.  The fall foliage in New England is unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere.  In Maine, the season varies depending on region.  When Fall officially kicks off around the 21st of September, the trees in Northern Maine are producing a pretty good level of color with peak being early in October.  Here in Kennebunkport, we start showing a little color that early, but peak doesn’t really happen until about the middle of October.  Unfortunately, a lot of factors go into the peak dates so hard to pinpoint it exactly.  Plan for a visit the first couple of weeks in October and you should be OK.

Forecasters are saying that the 2017 fall foliage season will be a good one.  We had good snow pack last winter which meant no drought this spring.  And the summer months haven’t been too hot or too dry.  Our shorter days, and cooler nights, are all that are needed to tell the trees to start to change from green to their fall colors.  You can track the fall foliage online to find the best time here.

Our abundance of the “right trees” adds to the beauty of autumn in New England and Maine.  Probably the most popular of autumn color trees is our majestic Maples.  “Sugar Maples” make up a high percentage of our trees and they produce the vibrant yellows in particular that you’ll see.  We have one here in our own backyard at the Bed and Breakfast which is the last tree to turn in the neighborhood, and by far the most beautiful!  Oaks are fairly abundant as well and give a darker rust color to the landscape.  Vivid reds are added by Red Maples, Flowering Dogwoods and Sumacs, among others.  It really must be seen to be fully appreciated!

For some of the best viewing, we like to head out of Kennebunkport towards Sebago Lake on the back roads which takes you through the woods.  It’s only 45 minutes to the lake and you can stop at an apple orchard or two along the way to pick your own.

It’s not all leaf peeping in the autumn here in the Kennebunks though.  All of our restaurants remain open through Columbus Day (at least) and the boats are out on the water (weather permitting) if you fancy a sail on the Schooner Eleanor, or a lobster boat excursion on the Rugosa.  It’s a busy time of year, but lacks the frenetic pace of the summer months with loads to still do.  Take a stroll along the beaches.  No parking permits needed and you’ll always find a parking spot!  Rent a bike or a Kayak and spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the warm autumn sunshine.  Then put a sweater on to ward off the evening chill and head out for your lobster dinner.  It’s a perfect time of year to visit Kennebunkport!

NOTE:  Schooner Eleanor photo courtesy of Bob Dennis at Port Images.