How many ways can you enjoy Lobster in Kennebunkport?

How many ways can you enjoy Lobster in Kennebunkport? There are usually two questions that guests first ask when they check-in here at the 1802 House.  Where do we get lobster?  Who has the best lobster?  The answers are many places and it’s all good!  We like to look at it another way though.  We think the better question is how do you want to enjoy your lobster?  Here’s what we mean.

Traditionally, folks like to have their lobster whole, boiled and served simply with butter for dipping.  They’re not afraid to put that plastic bib on and smash and crack their way through the shells to enjoy the succulent lobster meat.  If that’s your thing, then the best place to go is Nunan’s Lobster Hut in Cape Porpoise.  Owned by two brother’s and their wives, this family owned business has been in Kennebunkport for more than 60 years.  The Nunan’s are lobstermen so what they catch today, you eat tonight!  Prices are good too with their usual two 1 1/4 pound lobster special for about $30.

For those who prefer less work with their lobster, a lobster roll is a good way to get started on your Maine lobster vacation.  There’s an ongoing debate about who has the best lobster roll around here.  On the one side of the bridge (literally) in Kennebunk’s lower village is the Clam Shack.  This tiny little shack is the one with the long lines.  They offer lobster rolls on fresh baked bread made special for them.  You can choose butter or mayo.  On the other side of the bridge in Kennebunkport’s Dock Square is Alisson’s.  This diner offers lunch and dinner and you can sit inside.  Their lobster roll is served on a traditional hot dog style bun and dressed with mayo.  You can however get yours with butter instead.  Which one is the best?  We’ll leave that for you to decide!

There’s a number of other ways that folks enjoy eating lobster here in Maine.  Lobster Mac and Cheese is a big favorite of many.  Both Alisson’s and the Maine Diner in Wells are good options for this one.  Hurricane (on the bridge in Dock Square) serve their Mediterranean stew with a 1/2 a lobster, scallops and muscles.  Divine.  You can also get lobster salads, lobster bisque and lobster chowder in most of our seafood restaurants.  You could easily eat lobster every meal here and not have the same thing twice!


Being from Colorado, I’ll have to admit that I prefer meat and potatoes to seafood.  So the way that I enjoy lobster is on the Rugosa Lobster Boat!  This 1.5 hour boat trip takes you out along the shore pulling lobster traps with Captain Bob and his crew.  It’s an amazing way to get out and enjoy the water while learning about this important Maine industry.  You can hold a live lobster if you want to and when you come back you’ll know the difference between boy and girl lobsters, soft shell and hard shell and which lobsters get to escape the lobster trap by getting thrown back in.  Book direct on Bob’s website.

There you have it.  There’s so many ways to enjoy lobster while visiting Kennebunkport.  We hope you’ll get to try as many of them as possible when you visit us!