June in Kennebunkport and the Maine Strawberries are Here

Kennebunkport is without a doubt one of the best foodie places we’ve lived in.  It seems nearly every month through the visitors season there’s something new to look forward to.  For June, it’s the Maine strawberries that ripen at the end of the month.

wooden basket or red, ripe, fresh strawberries with stems on.As you know if you’ve ever stayed at our Bed and Breakfast, Roger is English and we lived in the UK for 20 years together before moving to Kennebunkport to buy an Inn.  Strawberries and tennis go hand in hand in England which makes this time of year my favorite for two reasons.  We were lucky that we were able to spend many happy (sometimes wet and soggy) days at Wimbledon enjoying the play on the different courts and eating strawberries and cream.

Now that we’re in Maine, we still have Wimbledon on TV and the Maine strawberries are as good as what we had in England.  We’ve worked on a lot of ways to incorporate them into breakfasts for our guests so they get to enjoy them too.  A particular favorite is our Banana Bundt Berry Shortcakes.  We start with our mini Banana Bundt’s which is a recipe from our “Art of Breakfast” cookbook author/friend Dana Moos.  (Yes, you have to buy the cookbook for her recipe but you’ll love it!)  These cakes are so easy to throw together.  They are lovely and light, moist and bursting with banana flavor.  We then whip together 8 oz (225g) of Marscapone with 8 oz (225g) plain Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup sugar and the zest of one lemon.  Cut the tops off the bundts.  Layer a dollop of the greek yogurt on and then some fresh sliced strawberries loaded on top.  Put the “lid” on the bundt and serve.  Delicious!  Other days we just keep it simple and serve the fresh strawberries in a glass bowl so the guests can see the beautiful red berries.  A dollop of slightly sweetened Greek Yogurt (plain greek yogurt with a little agave) on top is all you need.  Square white plate with a bundt cake filled with cream and fresh strawberries.

Strawberry season here in Kennebunkport runs from about 22nd of June through early July.  At the tail end of the season, the Quebec berries hit the local farm stand which helps extend our season of enjoyment a little longer.  You can pick your own at several of the local farms.  Spiller Farm in Wells offers U Pick strawberries as well as already picked ready to grab and go.  We buy our’s from Pattens Berry Farm just down the road from us on North Street.  You can also pick your own at their farm in Gorham, Maine just outside Portland.

In addition to what we serve here at the Inn, the local restaurant’s across the Kennebunk’s do an amazing job of featuring local fruit in season so you can always find strawberry desserts and entree’s on their menu’s.  Some even create specialty cocktails to showcase these sweet berries. Let us know if you’re a strawberry lover too when you visit and we’ll point you in their direction!  Enjoy.