Meet the new owners

Meet the new owners of the 1802 house, us! We’re Carl and Eileen Robley. Originally from the North-West of England, we moved to California in 2005 with our 2 children and then to the East Coast in 2011. Bringing experience from around the globe, we are two innkeepers who are new to Kennebunkport and ready to serve you!


Coming from Syracuse, we chose to move to Kennebunkport for the breathtaking views and friendly folk along with the history and spectacular coastlines. The 1802 House captured our hearts with its quintessential charm, coziness and comfort, each room brings something homey, easy, and enjoyable to a stay. We’ve stayed in our fair share of B&Bs and this one takes the cake, quite literally, there is cake here a lot of the time!


Before breaking into the world of Bed and Breakfasts, Carl worked in telecommunications and Eileen was in the healthcare industry, while they enjoyed gardening and baking in their free time- so be sure to check out some of Carl’s signature bakes (On your marks, get set… you know how the rest goes) and take a stroll through the beautiful garden during the in-season months, or the off season- just bring a jacket.


Eileen enjoys spending time reading, some of her favorite authors include Terry Pratchett, John Irving, and anyone who can write a good book about mythical or magical worlds. When she isn’t working or reading, she be found snapping photos out in nature or watching films depending on the weather.


Carl enjoys tinkering with things and has been known to take a computer apart and put it back together in a day. He is an avid Leicester City Football fan and can be found watching matches in his favorite chair whenever they are scheduled. He also enjoys fishing and online shopping.


We really enjoy sampling local fare in Kennebunkport and the surrounding areas, so we’re ready with recommendations when you need them! We particularly like traditional English pub fare (who can pass up some good fish and chips?) and a good Indian curry.


So come by and meet us, we’ll put the kettle on for you.