3 Ingredients for Your Perfect Vacation

The Perfect Vacation.

There are a few things that make the vacation perfect. The first thing you need to do is find a place that excites you, whether it’s a new adventure or a place that feels like a second home. Kennebunkport has that to offer everyone; first-time visitors and annual adventurers. You can wander through the shops and galleries of Dock Square, relax at the beach, hike the nature trails, or kayak on the river. There is no limit to the things you can see and do here. 





Find the perfect place to stay.

The second thing is the place you stay. Where you lay your head at night and get the perfect night’s rest before your next adventure. That’s where the 1802 House comes in. We offer the most amazing experience from our romantic rooms, historic charm and modern amenities, to our luscious gardens, peaceful location and wonderful hospitality. 


Breakfast, the best way to start the day.

The third thing is food. We all know it’s true. When you think of the best vacation you’ve ever had, you think of an amazing dinner you had while you were there. The perfect lunch spot that looks out over the busy town or the best breakfast you’ve ever had. The 1802 House is one of the few places still offering their regular breakfast, with safety precautions and your health as our priority. With each night you stay you can expect a delicious three-course breakfast ready for you when you wake up.


The perfect balance of a light starter, a drool-worthy baked good, followed by a palate cleansing fruit or yogurt dish, all leading up to the main event. Our chef only ever receives compliments on his Frittata, pancakes, waffles, and Breakfast Casserole. Each day there is a new dish for you to enjoy. Sizzling sausages, crispy bacon and mouth watering fresh fruit. We have it all. When you think back to your perfect vacation after your stay with us, you’ll be sure to remember your breakfast. 





Treat yourself to a little something extra!

Start each day of your perfect vacation the right way, and end it as comfortable as you’ve ever been. Be sure to check out our packages when you book your stay.

We’ve added a new package that we’re very excited about to make your stay even more memorable. Whether it’s the winter or the summer, Kennebunkport is the place to be! We’ll put the kettle on for you.