We are pleased to share our guests favorite recipes here.  We hope you enjoy them too!

Kennebunkport B&B Hearty Corn Chowder with Bacon Recipe

I know, we're a Bed and Breakfast.  What does Corn Chowder have to do with breakfast?  Absolutely nothing.  But let me explain why you're seeing this recipe.  We made this delicious chowder one cold October night for our dinner and posted a photo on Instagram.  It got a large number of likes (who knew there were so many chowder fans out there?!).  So, by popular demand, we are sharing our corn chowder recipe here. We're…... view full recipe

Blue and white plate with sliced tomatoes, poached egg and ham with Arugula and topped with an orange flower.

1802 House Bed & Breakfast Garden Eggs Benedict Recipe

I have always shied away from eating Eggs Benedict.  I don't know if it was the poached egg or the Hollandaise sauce, or both, but they just weren't for me.  When we bought our Bed and Breakfast, I decided that you really couldn't own an Inn and NOT offer some type of Eggs Benedict.  After much experimenting over the six years we've been here, we now offer two to our guests.  The first is a…... view full recipe

Cookies on a rack, half are frosted.

“NEW” Iced Lemon Drop Cookies Recipe

Do you have any of those old recipes that have been in your family for as long as anyone can remember?  You know, the one's that everyone seems to know and love?  Maybe can't remember where they came from originally and likely have funny names?  This cookie recipe is one of those in our family.  We've always called them Soft Jumbo's - we have no idea why.  I can remember being a very little girl,…... view full recipe

Four loaf tins with baked bread.

Gluten and Dairy Free Pumpkin Bread

We strive to always accommodate dietary restrictions in our breakfasts without compromising on the quality of what we're serving.  So we spend a lot of time trying out new recipes.  King Arthur's Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Flour is making it easier to adapt regular flour recipes without having to buy several different kinds of flour and mixing them together.  So we're experimenting all the time! We've taken our 'regular' pumpkin bread recipe which is very popular,…... view full recipe

pineapple, sliced banana and yogurt with a syrup drizzle

Roasted Pineapple with Yogurt, Banana and Passion Fruit

One of my favorite foods is Passion Fruit.  While really popular and readily available in the UK, we find it a little hard to find here in Kennebunkport, Maine.  It's got a citrus flavor that pairs well with orange and tropical fruits.  The passion fruit comes from a round, hard fruit that's fairly hollow inside when ripe.  You just cut it in half and scoop out the orange flesh, juice and seeds.  We eat the seeds and…... view full recipe

Pear with vanilla ice cream and blueberries, topped with oats and a glaze on a white plate

Baked Pear with Lemon and Cinnamon Drizzle Recipe

Once we move out of the summer months, it becomes a bit of a challenge to find fresh fruit to serve with breakfast in the mornings.  We love pears in the autumn as they are so versatile and readily available too.  We have tried a couple of different recipes to make use of pears, and finally created this one.  It brings together those fall flavors with the cinnamon with the freshness of the lemon and…... view full recipe

Close up of english butter toffee covered in almonds

The BEST English Butter Toffee recipe

This toffee is one of the most popular things we make here at the 1802 House Bed and Breakfast.  It is a buttery, nutty, chocolatey bit of pure indulgence.  And so simple to make! We've sent this recipe home with more guests than any of our others.  We even had one guest break it up, put in homemade ice cream and win her daughter's "Homemade Ice Cream" contest at their local school!  It's a great…... view full recipe

two pumpkin muffins on a china plate

Pumpkin Muffins add a taste of autumn to the breakfast table

The trees in and around Kennebunkport are just starting to show a hint of the yellows and orange colors yet to come.  The days have started getting shorter, and the nights cooler.   It's the time of year when we switch into Fall mode here at the 1802 House.  And of course that means pumpkin recipes! I've had this recipe for pumpkin bread for as long as I can remember.  I copied it out of a recipe book or…... view full recipe

Close up of 3 pineapple muffins on china plates

Pineapple Muffins; bring a taste of the tropics to breakfast

Pineapple is a great fruit and we love the fresh, tropical feel that it brings to the breakfast table.  It's a real 'wake me up' kind of fruit.  While we can't buy locally grown pineapples here on the Southern Maine coast, it's versatile enough that you can use it from the can too.  That makes these delicious muffins perfect year around! We serve a fresh baked muffin every morning here at the 1802 House so we…... view full recipe

Cheese and chive puff served with scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes on the side on a china plate

Cheese and Chive Gougeres (the American Cheesy Puff!)

Here at the 1802 House, we are always striving to create a breakfast menu that's a little different from what our guests would prepare for themselves at home.  I love gruyere cheese in anything and am always looking for new ways to use it in our recipes.  In these cheesy puffs, we've combined Gruyere with chives to make beautiful Gougeres to serve with eggs.  They have a real WOW factor with guests, but this savory 'pate a choux' is so simple…... view full recipe

two oatmeal cookies on a china plate

Oatmeal, Blueberry and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Because we're in Maine, and Maine and blueberries go together, we've taken a classic cookie recipe and updated it with dried blueberries and white chocolate. How did this one come about?  I have never made oatmeal cookies before.  It's not that I don't like oatmeal, I do.  I really don't like raisins.  I really don't like raisins!  So I've always steered clear of these cookies.  One day, while browsing in our local Maine fruit store,…... view full recipe

Baked plum topped with greek yogurt, a sprig of mint and a glaze on a china plate

Earl Grey Scented Roast Plums

At the 1802 House, we serve a fruit course with our breakfasts every morning.  We serve it in between the fresh baked muffins and follow it up with an entree.  As you can imagine, it's a challenge to find something that's not too heavy and filling.  I had seen a recipe for roast plums with thyme, but thought that Earl Grey Tea would be a more interesting flavor combination. We try to use the black plums as I like…... view full recipe